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Welcome to New-Beat Productions



As you all know we at New-Beat have been laying low for some time, our producer of music Bronc Wise has had limited time to produce music for us, and  for personal reasons has decided that he needs to step out of New-Beat. We in New-Beat fully understand his decision; we thank him for the 10 years he has given New-beat. And in our hearts, he will always have some kind of affiliation to New-Beat. We all wish him well and good fortune. He will always be like a brother to us.

BIG Thank you to Bronc from all of us – We love you as a brother!!

We have decided  to keep producing music as New-Beat, and have been on the lookout for a new studio to work with. We have found a studio ! This month we are releasing the first tune from that studio, at this time we want to thank Shauna and Vic Kaaria for all the help they have given us in this project. Without them it would not have been possible to get to the point where we are today, their help with arrangement and production of the music has made it possible to get back in the game !

BIG Thank you to Shauna and Vic ….

Now for the music - We will  be releasing 4 new songs in the next coming 4 months, the first is ready for release now, it is in the shop for you to listen to and to buy. We greatly appreciate your support.


June 2016

UP- NB-317 by Carsten Nielsen




Every time you share music on a usb memory stick, you drive up the cost of the music.

Please think before you share. It may seem innocent, but it hurts the SD music industry.

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