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Welcome back to New-Beat, one month has now passed since our re-launch. We have seen that a lot of our faithful supporters have returned to buy our latest release UP – NB-317 by Carsten Nielsen, we really appreciate that you still want to support our endeavors in producing music. We are thankful for all kind words and visits to our new Facebook page. It is our hope you will return and visit the Facebook page to follow us and the new music.

We have seen quite a lot of interest in our new music, some of the pre-views have been seen by more than 2500 people, this shows us that there is a market for contemporary music J we will continue to try to strive for creating exciting new music. We have created some new interest with a small competition for song selection that has been well received, for those of you that participated thanks for all the suggestions.

Now for the music - We are ready with the next of our 4 new songs, it is in the shop for you to listen to and to buy. We greatly appreciate your support.


July 2016

One Call Away - NB-412 by Søren Lindergaard




Every time you share music on a usb memory stick, you drive up the cost of the music.

Please think before you share. It may seem innocent, but it hurts the SD music industry.

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