Nils Trottmann


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Nils was born in 1978 and grew up in Itzehoe, in the northern part of Germany. In the early 90s he ran into Square Dancing by accident but it has become a passion in his life.

In 1992, Nils attended a Mainstream Class and started in a team of clubcallers just one year later. When he moved to Kiel for his studies at the university, he continued his calling in several clubs up to A2.

In 2004, Nils decided for educational purpose (becoming a teacher) to move to Köln/Cologne, Germany. He calls in his vivid style for the Villedancers in Brühl.

Since those early days Nils has enjoyed being part of dances & conventions in countries like the U.S.A., Australia, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany. His current calling programs are Basic through C1.

Nils is looking forward to assisting New-Beat with the exciting project of producing square dance music.