Søren Lindergaard

Piskesmældet 9, 2tv
DK-3000 Helsingør

Phone : (+45)
Cellphone : (+45)
E-Mail : soren@new-beat.net

My life started in 1965 in Aalborg, Denmark. Being the last of 5 kids I had a happy childhood but I really found my footing in 1990 when I more or less by accident tried out square dancing. Almost my entire family had taken up what I thought to be a far too American hobby - namely square dancing. But hey, my motto is that I have to try everything at least once. Dancing was fun but I thought that it would be even more fun if I could actually do the teacher's job.

So together with my elder brother and another friend, Frank Trolle, I attended my first caller school then conducted by Willy Hjort. This would later lead to the founding of Triangle Squaredancers in Aalborg and in 2002, I was for the fourth time calling the 10th Limfjords Festival for that same club. I am always happy to come back to my home town and really enjoy meeting old acquaintances at that particular festival.

In 1992 I decided to try my luck in the southern part of Sweden. In Helsingborg I started calling for Helsingborg SD and with a lot of help from Erika Johansson (now Spur), Tomas Kristensson, Bertil Carlsson and Lars-Inge Carlsson, I soon felt ready to stand on my own two feet as a caller, which incidentally led me to become a caller in Fredensborg SC, Denmark. I have remained a clubcaller for Fredensborg SD ever since, I also call for Holbæk SD.

Calling has allowed me to meet a lot of different people as well as allowing me to travel all around the world e.g. Sweden, Norway, Germany, USA, Canada, Austria. Besides meeting a lot of marvellous dancers, I have had the privilege to become friends with the Sting and Snow crew, Rikard Björk, Jerry Story, Bronc Wise, Johnny Preston, Jet Roberts, Tony Oxendine and many more. Needless to say that I am a dedicated fan of everyone mentioned here.

I have had the fortune to go to Canada twice. To call some Squaredance and to stay at my very good friend, Barry Sjölin's place. Canada is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been visiting, and the folk's are really nice. I Meet some new friends over there who don't squaredance.. But good times.... Hi buds, Terry,Donovan.

I would especially like to thank Ingvar Petersson and Stefan Sidholm for making me a part of the Sting and Snow crew back in 1996. I am very proud to belong to one of the few European Square Dance producing labels now owned by Paul Bristow. So far I have recorded 5 records - 2 on Snow and 3 on Sting.

In 1999 I moved back to Denmark to a little town called Humlebæk,and then in 2002 I moved to Helsingør where I currently reside. Together with my wife Henriette and our little Albert 5 years old, kids are fun!!!

I still enjoy calling and will continue until it is no longer fun.......

Some of the Highlights of my calling career have been:

Mårtensdansen in Helsingborg, Sweden
Esbern Snare Festival, Denmark
Danish Convention, Denmark
Limfjords Festival, Denmark
Fredensborg's annual festival, Denmark
European Convention in Helsingborg, Sweden
Kielerwoche, Kiel,Germany
Stingfestival, Hammel, Denmark
Stingfestival, Stockholm, Sweden
Highcoast Festival, Ö-vik, Sweden
Doskido Austria
WAM dance Austria
Model A's Canada
Sting Convention Paderborn

All of which I have had the privilege of calling, and enjoyed every moment.

I am looking forward to the next 10 years in square dancing and would like to thank all the clubs for inviting me to call and especially a big THANK YOU to all the dancers who turned up at my dances.